Get Back in the Game After Sports Injury or Pain

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Performance matters — in athletics and in keeping the pace of your active life. Don’t let a sports injury or pain sideline you. Premier Orthopedics sports medicine physicians have the skilled expertise to return you to your best form. We support athletes in a wide range of ages and athletic goals:

  • Youth 
  • Weekend warriors 
  • Competitive amateurs 
  • Professionals 
  • Fans of fitness at every level

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Premier Orthopedics - one of the largest and highly trained orthopedic and sports medicine groups in Southwest Ohio - includes board-certified and fellowship-trained specialists in complex musculoskeletal challenges. We look forward to being your partner in living an active life.

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Trusted Team

We’re proud that the University of Dayton Flyers, the Wright State University Raiders, and many area high schools trust the sports medicine professionals of Premier Orthopedics as their team physicians. That vote of confidence means you can count on specialists who understand your drive and commitment.

Sports Nutrition And Psychology

If your goal is getting more from your workouts — or helping your young athlete reach peak performance — we can help get you there. Let us guide you and your young athlete through an individualized assessment to address the pillars of sports performance: nutrition, hydration, sleep, and psychology.


Non-Surgical Treatment

We personalize a treatment plan for your unique needs. Care usually starts with non-surgical approaches, including physical therapy, exercise, and injections that can help the body heal damage and relieve pain from arthritis, aging and injuries to joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles.                                                             

Cartilage Restoration For Knees

For active patients with knee pain, Premier Orthopedics offers a range of cartilage restoration treatment options, including a cartilage transplant technique called matrix-induced autologous chondrocyte implantation (MACI). This can restore joint function, relieve pain, and prevent further damage.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

When surgery is your best option, our board-certified and fellowship-trained surgeons offer procedures that can get you back to your life and your activities sooner. Many procedures are minimally invasive - smaller incisions could mean less blood loss, reduced pain, faster recovery and less scarring. Most surgeries are done as an outpatient.