Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to Piqua Family Practice frequently asked questions.

How soon are my prescriptions refilled?

Piqua Family Practice processes prescription refills as efficiently as possible with a goal of 24-48 hours service to your pharmacy. Requests that are received or processed before or during a holiday or weekend may take from 48 to 72 hours to complete.

Can my children and parents receive care at Piqua Family Practice?

Yes, our practice can serve every member of your family, from newborns to teens, adults, and senior citizens.

Do you treat chronic conditions or injuries?

You can receive care for both at Piqua Family Practice. Our highly-trained physicians and experienced providers can treat conditions like diabetes, asthma, and sports injuries, and a wide range of other health services. Learn more.

Do you provide women’s health services?

Yes. Piqua Family Practice offers a number of gynecological services, including breast exams, Pap smears, and pelvic exams.

Do you perform any surgeries?

At Piqua Family Practice, we can perform procedures on skin and nails, remove ear wax, administer joint injections, and perform other minor surgeries. Learn more.

How is the information I submit online kept secure?

Piqua Family Practice uses MyChart, an online physician office connection that allows you to access your records and send messages and requests to our practice around the clock. MyChart is a secure system that follows the privacy requirements set forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Do I need to use MyChart?

To take advantage of online appointment requests, prescription refill requests, and to view test results, you will need a MyChart account. You can request an activation code and create your account online anytime. Get started.

I can’t get the links on your page to work, what should I try?

You may have the pop-up blocker activated on your web browser. Disable the pop-up blocker option and try the link again. Another method is to hit the “Ctrl” key at the same time you click on a link.

Where can I find more information about medicines and health conditions outside of Piqua Family Practice office hours?

You can find health and wellness information at the Family Doctor website. This searchable site has information about children’s health, over-the-counter medicines, illness and disease, and medications.