Board of Directors

The UVMC (Upper Valley Medical Center) Foundation is governed by a group of volunteers who participate on the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is responsible for developing strategies for the UVMC Foundation, creating programs to encourage fundraising, and determining the allocation of support.

2019 UVMC Foundation Board Members

  • Craig Bundschuh
  • Doug Burchfield
  • Vic Caven
  • Mimi Crawford
  • Arthur R. Disbrow
  • Brian Dugan
  • Beth Earhart
  • John F. Evans
  • Eva Fine
  • Michael Gutmann
  • Ruth Jenkins
  • L. Stewart Lowry, MD
  • William Lukens
  • William J. McGraw, III
  • Yagnesh Raval, MD
  • Larry Ryan
  • Lolita Schultz
  • Michael Tinkler, DDS
  • Cliff Alexander, Emeritus
  • Scott J. Hinsch, Emeritus
  • Robert C. Johnston, Emeritus
  • W. Ray Wagoner, Emeritus

UVMC Foundation Executive Committee

  • Craig Bundschuh, Chair
  • William J. McGraw III, Treasurer
  • Brian Dugan, At-Large
  • Beth Earhart, At-Large
  • Michael Gutmann, Past Chair
  • Lolita Schultz, At-Large