Moments Matter: Our Patients Need Even More

Atrium Medical Center is the first line of defense when residents of our growing region need care for stroke, dementia, head and spinal cord injuries and other neurological conditions. As southwest Ohio’s population expands and grows older, more and more people will need neuroscience and stroke care.

Stroke and Alzheimer’s disease are projected to affect greater numbers of people as baby boomers age. Stroke deaths are predicted to nearly double between 2000 and 2032, and the number of people living with stroke will likely increase by 25 percent by 2030. Alzheimer’s disease is expected to double by 2050, due largely to the increase in the number of people over 65 in the United States.

As neuroscience and stroke care evolves, Atrium must keep pace to ensure our patients receive the best care. To do that, we need help to expand and enhance our neuroscience and stroke services. This campaign seeks to:

  • Keep up with changing technology, equipment and treatments to most effectively assist those with brain and spinal cord disorders
  • Create new opportunities for patients to build confidence and achieve independence
  • Enhance education about stroke and head injuries for our community members and health care professionals
  • Provide for the unmet needs of patients who are uninsured or underinsured
  • Establish endowments for advanced neuroscience and stroke care for generations to come