Babies and Families You’ll Help

A wisp of hair, a dimpled chin, tiny fingers clasping yours…newborns bring great joy and great promise. A healthy beginning is not a matter of chance, however. Behind every healthy infant is a family and health care team committed to providing all the support that mother and baby need.

Donors to the Little Blessings campaign will help mothers who are at risk of delivering early — but don’t have health insurance to cover the special medication that can prevent a premature birth. These moms will get extra medical attention to help them carry to term. A full-term baby is far less likely to have life-threatening medical problems that change the entire family’s future and finances.

When parents face the unthinkable, Atrium’s innovative HEAL program supports them through the death of their infant and beyond. Little Blessings campaign donors will help to lessen that grief with new furniture for the private gathering space where families spend precious last moments with their newborn.

“Beginner” moms may need extra encouragement and education to commit to breastfeeding their new baby. Donors to the Little Blessingscampaign will give them the support they need to choose the best nutrition for growth and development — mother’s milk.

Each year, nearly 1,000 little blessings arrive at Atrium’s Family Birth Center. Thanks to generous Little Blessings donors, they’ll find all the support they need for a healthy beginning.

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