How We’ll Enhance Care for Seniors 

Atrium’s new eight-bed geriatric emergency unit will be more comfortable for adults 65 years and up, with soothing colors and lighting, reduced noise levels, and chairs and beds designed for older bodies. Non-skid floors, senior-friendly call buttons, fall monitors in every bed, additional railings and hearing assistance will enhance safety when older patients might be most vulnerable to falls.

Beyond enhancements to the environment, Atrium’s new geriatric services will change the way seniors experience emergency care, hospital care and even care at home. When an elderly patient arrives, staff will use a national screening tool to assess what the patient might need: immediate medical care, evaluation of medications, changes at home to improve health and safety, and more. For instance, if a patient is on five or more medications, a pharmacy tech will consult with the patient and, as needed, the patient’s primary care physician to ensure all medications are necessary and compatible. The goal is to understand the full spectrum of a senior’s health care needs and create a plan to meet them, both in the hospital and at home.

Unique to Atrium’s geriatric emergency unit will be the physician, nurse practitioners, pharmacy techs, social workers and other staff who will care for the elderly. All will have special training in assessing and addressing the needs of geriatric patients from the Emergency Trauma Center through a hospital stay and back to home. Nurse practitioners will oversee each patient’s care, providing continuity for older patients and their loved ones.

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