Why Seniors Need Enhanced Health Care Services

Our region’s population of seniors, now including Baby Boomers, is growing rapidly. In fact, there are 16 long-term care facilities located within 10 miles of Atrium. In general, the number of adults aged 65 and older will grow 28 percent in the next decade.¹ Adults aged 85 and older have the highest rate of emergency department visits (along with infants younger than 1 year).²

More seniors will be coming to Atrium’s Emergency Trauma Center for care. They often find it confusing, uncomfortable and even frightening. As a result, they may not understand the changes they need to make in their own care, leading  to repeat hospital visits and deteriorating health. 

In addition, a trip to the hospital emergency department is treated as an individual event, often meeting only the senior’s immediate health care needs. Opportunities are lost to address the root cause of the senior’s problem and potentially to improve his or her overall health.

Learn more about the Fulfilling a Promise to Our Elders campaign:

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²Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality