People You Will Help

Think about the seniors in your life who have helped to make you what you are today. As they’ve aged, their need for health care services has grown. Even the healthiest and most active seniors tend to spend more time with doctors who can help them stay as vibrant and vital as possible. Other seniors, with more health challenges, depend on their doctors, other health care professionals, family members and other caregivers to help them cope and live their best lives.

If you’ve ever accompanied a parent, grandparent or other senior to a hospital emergency room, you know how difficult it can be for your loved one. What might be easy for you — answering questions about your health history, climbing into a bed, remembering the medications you’re on— can be impossibly difficult for an older patient. When you add the noise, the waiting, and the multiple questions from health care professionals, the potential for confusion among seniors is high.

For the seniors in your life — or if you’re a senior yourself — a gift to the Fulfilling a Promise to Our Elders campaign will help to make an emergency visit to Atrium less stressful, more comforting and more focused on improving health long-term.

Learn more about the Fulfilling a Promise to Our Elders campaign:

  • The need to enhance health care for seniors
  • How the Foundation will use the funds to enhance care for seniors
  • Give now to bring senior-friendly care to Atrium