People You Will Help

How many women do you know who have bravely battled breast cancer? How many husbands, family members, friends and coworkers can you name who have shared the burden of their loved one’s fight? The Every Woman, Everywhere campaign will help more women in southwest Ohio get the screenings and treatment they need for better health.

“I am walking, living, breathing proof that mammograms save lives!” says Lori Pike of Monroe. “The day before my yearly mammogram in 2011, I had a breast exam by my OB/Gyn and no lump was detected. But the routine mammogram at the Wilbur and Mary Jean Cohen Women’s Center at Atrium Medical Center — done the very next day – revealed a tiny lump.”

Following a cancer diagnosis, Lori had a lumpectomy followed by a few radiation treatments. “The only reason I’m cancer-free is because I had yearly mammograms,” this 59-year-old realtor says with passion. “To survive cancer, you’ve got to know if it’s there.”

Patient Stories

These women, also, confronted breast cancer and won: 

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