Board of Directors and Staff

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Atrium Medical Center Foundation is dedicated to creating a healthier community. 

  • Michael D. Long, Chair
  • Michael J. Scorti, Vice Chair and Distribution Committee Chair
  • Thomas P. Farrell, Secretary
  • Nancy L. Gross, CPA, Treasurer
  • Dr. Bruce and Neila Barnes, Heritage Society Co-Chairs
  • Joseph E. Beatty, Education Committee Chair
  • James B. Kleingers, PE, PS, LEED AP, Development Committee Chair
  • Jonathan D McCann, Investment Committee Chair
  • James Papakirk, JD, Annual Fund Committee Co-Chair
  • Candice DeClark Peace, JD, CPA, Planned Giving Committee Chair
  • Donald L. Pelfrey, Nominating Committee Chair
  • Gregory W. Siewny, MD, Physician Committee Chair
  • Charles Anderson
  • Frank B. Chapman
  • Patricia Miller Gage
  • Larry L. Hollingshead
  • Chris M. Hopper
  • Sarah R. Kaup
  • Raymond Kiefhaber, MD
  • Ryan R. Muhlenkamp
  • Kirk W. Reich
  • Barry A. Robertson, MD
  • Michael J. Schneider
  • Barbara W. Strait
  • Jeffrey S. Zollett, MD
  • Michael R. Uhl, President, Atrium Medical Center
  • Marilyn Heiger, President, Atrium Auxiliary Middletown
  • Michael D. Stautberg, President, Atrium Medical Center Foundation


The Foundation's staff provides the resources and support to achieve the goals of the Foundation.

Michael D. Stautberg, President
[email protected]
(513) 974-5125(513) 974-5125

Samuel R. Lobar, Director of Major Gifts
[email protected] 
(513) 974-5149(513) 974-5149

Jessica A. Woodard, Development Manager
[email protected]
(513) 974-4509(513) 974-4509

Virginia M. Peters, Donor Specialist
[email protected]
(513) 974-5028(513) 974-5028

Dawn M. Hensley, Administrative Assistant
[email protected]
(513) 974-5144(513) 974-5144