Premier Pulse

Volume 6, Issue 2 – February 2019

Continuing the Journey to Wellness

Reeves_HS_350x350By Matthew Reeves, DO, chief medical officer, Atrium Medical Center

I have served as the chief medical officer at Atrium Medical Center for nearly two years. My experience and research have convinced me that we should take a more focused look at physician burnout. This condition contributes to diminished collaboration, often a posture of defensiveness, and less physician-to-physician communication. Read more.

EMS Chart Integration into EPIC

Skidmore_HS_350x350By Candy Skidmore, vice president of emergency and trauma services for Premier Health

Premier Health is partnering with EMS agencies across Southwest Ohio to relay patient information more rapidly between hospitals and first responders, enhancing emergency care for patients and ensuring quicker handoffs for emergency crews and caregivers at the hospital. Read more.

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    Editorial Board: Dr. Marc Belcastro, Dr. Jennifer Hauler, Dr. Scott Kanagy, Dr. Matthew Reeves

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