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Welcome to Premier Health nursing's virtual communication platform. Premier Health nurses are our most valuable human capital asset, and, without them, our patients would not realize the benefits of great outcomes. We are on a journey to become a national, top-tier, integrated health care system, and Premier Health nurses are at the center of those activities, right at the side of our patients. As of 2019, all Premier Health hospitals have Magnet® designation from the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

Premier Health believes that all nurses are leaders in any setting, from the bedside to the boardroom. Regardless of the environment, nurses require leadership skills, in order to assist every patient on his or her journey to better health. One of the most important leadership skills is communication. Therefore, we invest significant time “communicating” with our nurses, and we offer professionals around the world, like you, the opportunity to read what we share with our own Premier Health nurses. 

Thank you for visiting our virtual space. You are invited you to read, share, and comment on our newsletter and blog. Both can be found on this page. 

We excited and energized by your visit to our site. We look forward to exchanging nursing practice information, which allows all of us to constantly innovate and to offer a safe passage to Premier Health patients. 

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