Mini University at Miami Valley Hospital

Mini University at Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) provides high quality early care and education to children ages six weeks to five years old. Research has shown that 90 percent of a child's brain is developed by age 5, around the time most families are thinking about school readiness. We provide meaningful early experiences, so all children have the foundation to be successful in school and in life.

Our program has earned the highest mark of quality: Accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Only 8 percent of early learning programs in Montgomery County have achieved this recognition. Nationally, less than 10 percent of all programs meet accreditation standards.

We emphasize a “hands-on” approach and respect for each child. Children are encouraged to be actively involved in the learning process and to experience a variety of activities appropriate for their age and rate of development. Diversity is valued and respected and children of all abilities are welcome in our program.

Programs and Services

Mini University's programs foster and enhance all children's development in the following domains:

  • Cognitive
  • Language
  • Physical
  • Social/emotional
  • Self-help

We believe in fostering your child's sense of individual worth by responding consistently and compassionately. Our curriculum and every day practices reinforce the concepts that all children are unique individuals who grow and learn at their own rate of development.

Teachers in all classrooms, for all age groups, use research-based curriculum and assessments to observe, evaluate, and implement strategies to help facilitate learning in a caring environment each day. Supportive families and community partnerships are critical to the growth and development of each child.

Infant and Toddler Programs

Your baby will receive loving, responsive care to support his/her development each day at Mini University. Our programs incorporate NAEYC accreditation criteria, Developmentally Appropriate Practice Position Statements and the Resources for Infant Educarer (RIE) philosophy. The RIE philosophy is based on the research of Magda Gerber and Dr. Emmi Pikler which emphasizes respect for your child. Teachers support this goal and show respect to your child by engaging in meaningful conversation, explaining what is happening around your child, making eye contact and waiting for your child to respond. This loving interaction is seen throughout each infant and toddler room every day.

Preschool Program

As your child nears the age of three, he/she will transition to a preschool classroom. Mini University's Preschool Program is based on NAEYC's accreditation criteria and Developmentally Appropriate Practice Position Statement. We support learning through our curriculum and assessment systems, which help prepare children for kindergarten and future success in life. We believe children learn at their own rate through real life and hands-on experiences. Encouraging each child's sense of individual worth is an important part of the learning process and is fostered in a safe classroom setting. Teachers at Mini University facilitate opportunities for all children to develop their intellectual, social, emotional, and physical skills.


Mini University at Miami Valley Hospital always gives priority enrollment to Premier Health employees. Children are enrolled based on the Enrollment Priority Policy, the schedule requested, and the date the registration fee was paid.

Mini University strongly believes in serving a diverse population of children and families. Diversity includes many groups of people, including children with special needs. Children learn to respect each other's differences and what contributions each person has to make at an early age. We firmly believe in early intervention and welcome specialists into our program to help meet individual needs of children.

Inclusion fosters caring attitudes and teaches children about interdependence, better communication and social skills, greater development in moral and ethical principles, warm and caring friendships and increased self-esteem.

Location and Contact Information

Mini University is conveniently located next to MVH and just minutes from downtown. Hill Street runs between Foraker and Apple streets just ½ block north of MVH.

Mini University at MVH
28 Hill St.
Dayton, Ohio 45409

Phone: (937) 208-4500(937) 208-4500(937) 208-4500

Hours: Monday through Friday 6 am to 6 pm.

To schedule a tour call (937) 208-4500. Or check us out on our website.