Dental Residency Program Description

Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) Dental Residency has offered a postdoctoral training program in general dentistry since the 1920s. The one-year program is fully accredited and provides training for up to eight residents each year. The MVH Dental Residency program is designed to provide clinicaldidactic, and hospital experiences.

MVH dental residents will be prepared to manage oral health care through instruction and experience to a wide range of patients.

The overall objective of the General Practice Residency Program is to produce general dentists who have developed skills that will allow them to practice total patient care, including advanced dental procedures as well as the evaluation of the overall health of their patients. Specific goals include:

  • To train the resident to manage the patient and work effectively with other health professionals as the patient's primary care provider.
  • To enable the resident to refine and advance his/her knowledge and clinical skills to include more advanced treatment modalities.
  • To provide a better understanding of medical and dental sciences including the review of literature and evidence-based practice.
  • To provide the necessary skills to become a life-long, self-motivated, learning professional interested in continuing education.
  • To provide educational opportunities that will prepare the resident to effectively establish and maintain an efficient private dental practice outside the hospital.
  • To prepare the resident to provide quality dental care to a wide variety of patients taking into consideration their cultural diversity and their special needs.

The teaching faculty of the MVH Dental Residency program consists of both paid and voluntary dentists. Our members who provide clinical instruction to the dental residents include general dentists and specialists from all the major specialties. Our paid faculty includes general dentists who are regularly scheduled to work with the residents in the clinical settings at MVH and who will serve as the resident mentors throughout the resident year.