Who should be evaluated for skin cancer?

Dr. Wilcher discusses who should be evaluated for skin cancer. Click play to watch the video or read the transcript.


The Skin Cancer Foundation (SCF) states that it is important for people to do a monthly head-to-toe exam of their skin so they can be aware of any changes that could be cancerous or precancerous.

Having a suspicious looking mole or skin growth, especially one that bleeds and/or does not heal, for example, would be an important reason to visit your primary care provider or dermatologist to be evaluated for skin cancer, according to Premier Health Specialists’ (PHS) physicians.

Melanoma has some hereditary ties, so if you have a strong family history of melanoma, it is important to be watchful and keep a close eye on any skin changes, according to PHS physicians.

Being evaluated through a full skin exam by your physician every year can also help find and treat any issues early, according to the SCF.

For more information about skin cancer evaluations, talk with your doctor.

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