What is the goal of CenteringPregnancy?

The goal of centering pregnancy is to offer prenatal care to women in a way that combines some of the routine physical assessment that you get in a standard prenatal care appointment with self-care and also a group component that builds relationships and also includes an educational component, teaching, where women learn from each other in a facilitated discussion. 

The goal of CenteringPregnancy is to promote healthy behaviors for pregnant women during their pregnancy and after the birth of their child, according to the Ohio Department of Health (ODH).

CenteringPregnancy uses a group approach to provide health care, education, and support – including child care, snacks, and transportation. CenteringPregnancy provides a safe place for moms-to-be to share their feelings and questions with other women having similar experiences, according to the ODH.

The group setting helps the women build positive peer relationships, which encourages healthy choices while they are pregnant and provide support after birth, according to the ODH.

By promoting healthy behaviors during pregnancy and after birth, the ODH says that CenteringPregnancy strives to help:

  • Decrease the frequency of premature births
  • Increase birth weight
  • Improve patient and health care provider satisfaction

Talk to your doctor for more information about the goal of CenteringPregnancy.

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