What is CenteringPregnancy?

Centering pregnancy is a group prenatal care program, so it's a different way of offering prenatal care to women.I think centering pregnancy fulfills a lot of different needs. One is that this group model of prenatal care allows women to form relationships with one another. Centering pregnancy is a group of women, usually 8 to 10 women, sometimes a few or sometimes more, but ideally a group of 8 to 10 women who have the same approximate due date within a month. They're going through all the parts of their pregnancy together, and that really gives them a social support that they might be lacking in other parts of their lives. It also means that they're getting the same information to make good choices in their pregnancy and healthy choices in their pregnancy, and as I mentioned before, we do have good research that centering pregnancy can help prevent prematurity, and that it increases patient satisfaction with prenatal care, and thus also their attendance to prenatal care. 

CenteringPregnancy is prenatal care group approach that provides health assessments, interactive learning and community buildingfor mothers-to-be, according to the Ohio Department of Health (ODH).

Patients meet as a group throughout their pregnancy. Having others in the group to lean on who are having similar experiences can help pregnant women feel more comfortable, motivated, and empowered during pregnancy and after the baby’s birth, according to the ODH.

Talk to your doctor for more information about CenteringPregnancy.

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