What happens to the body when someone exercises, and how does it help depression?

It’s commonly known that exercise has great physical health benefits, but exercise also has many mental health benefits.

When a person exercises endorphins, are released in the brain. These chemicals act as natural painkillers, relieve stress and improve sleep, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of AmericaOff Site Icon (ADAA).

Exercise can help maintain mental fitness by reducing stress and fatigue, making you more alert, and improving concentration, according to ADAA. It also can boost your self-esteem.

Many studies done by various organizations spanning back to the 1980s show that exercise plays a big enough roll in easing depression that in most cases it can be used hand-in-hand with or instead of antidepressant medications, according to Harvard Medical SchoolOff Site Icon.

For more information about how exercise can help with depression, talk with your doctor.

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