What are the benefits of CenteringPregnancy?

There are so many benefits to centering pregnancy, it's hard to focus on just a few. There have been some documented research benefits to centering pregnancy. Most importantly, patients report a higher degree of satisfaction with their prenatal care when they are in a centering pregnancy model, and we have also documented that there's a reduction in preterm birth to women who participate in the centering pregnancy model. It's about a 33 percent reduction in pre-term birth, which is really significant, especially given the impact that that can have on infant mortality statistics. 

CenteringPregnancy has a variety of benefits. It is important because it provides a safe place for pregnant women to share their experiences with and relate to other women with similar experiences, according to the Ohio Department of Health  (ODH).

The group health care setting can help provide positive peer encouragement and promotes health choices during pregnancy, according to the ODH.

Those healthy choices help achieve positive pregnancy goals among CenteringPregnancy patients, according to Premier Health Specialists’ physicians, including a decrease the frequency of premature births and improved patient satisfaction with their prenatal care.

Talk to your doctor for more information about the benefits of CenteringPregnancy.

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