What are some ways having a newborn can change a mom’s or dad’s life?

Dr. Joshua Ordway discusses some ways that having a newborn can change a mom’s or dad’s life. Click play to watch the video or? read the transcript.

What are some ways having a newborn can change a mom’s or dad’s life?

Having a newborn can affect a mom or dad's life in a lot of ways. First off, there's lack of sleep to contend with. You don't realize how much sleep you get and how much you need until you don't get it when you have a newborn. Finding ways to sneak in a nap or to have your partner or significant other take up some of the slack so that you can get some more sleep at times and kind of trade off is really, really important in keeping your energy levels and your wits about you while you care for this new life.


Parents with newborn babies – especially first-time parents – can be in for a whirlwind of changes, even if they tried to prepare before the baby’s arrival.

One major change for parents of newborns is the lack of sleep you’ll contend with, Premier Physician Network physicians say.

It can be hard to imagine before having children how little sleep you might get in the days, weeks and months following your baby’s birth.

It can be helpful to sneak in a nap at the same time as your baby.

You can also try trading off baby duty with your partner, a family member, or a friend. It’s really important to do the best you can to keep your energy levels up so you can focus on keeping yourself and your baby healthy.

Another change you might notice could include some physical changes, especially for a new mom, as your body recovers from childbirth, according to the Office on Women’s Health (OWH).

Drinking plenty of water, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and keeping your feet elevated can help swelling start to go down.

Overall, be patient and give your body time to recover.

You might also have some emotional changes caused by shifting hormones, lack of sleep, and stress about caring for your baby. Many of these feelings go away in a short time, but it can help to talk through them with a trusted partner, friend or family member who can listen.

For more information about changes to your life once you have a newborn baby, talk to your doctor.

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