What are some strategies people can implement to help manage diabetes?

Managing diabetes doesn’t have to be difficult. Arming yourself with strategies for managing diabetes can make living with the disease seem much less overwhelming, according to the National Institutes of HealthOff Site Icon (NIH).

The NIH recommends the following steps to help manage diabetes:

  • Be educated about diabetes: Knowing about your type of diabetes, where you can go for support and how to care for your diabetes.
  • Know the ABC’s of diabetes: A stand for A1C. B stands for blood pressure. And C stands for cholesterol. Knowing your numbers for these three health statistics can help you make sure you’re meeting your goals of keeping your diabetes in check.
  • Learn how to live with diabetes: Living well with diabetes means eating the right, healthy food, being active, taking your diabetes medication, brushing your teeth, quitting smoking and keeping track of your blood pressure.
  • Have a routine check-up: Visiting your physician at least twice a year can help you find any problems early. At least once a year, you need to be sure to have a cholesterol test, flu shot, foot exam, dental exam, eye dilation, urine test and blood work done to make sure you’re diabetes is managed well.

Having the right skills to help yourself care for your diabetes can make small day-to-day upsets manageable and keep your care on track.

Talk with your physician about tips for managing your diabetes.

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