How can weather patterns trigger a headache?

Dr. Aaron Block discusses how weather patterns can trigger a headache. Click play to watch the video or read the transcript.

How can weather patterns trigger a headache?

Weather patterns definitely can trigger headaches, whether it's changes in barometric pressure that can change your sinuses. Or if it's a very dusty day, activating somebody's allergies, they can certainly bring on different types of headaches.

What we think happens is there's a genetic trait that we get from our mothers and fathers that increase the sensitivity to certain changes in the environment and the weather. When you're exposed to those changes, they can trigger all the events that cause the neurons to depolarize and cause these migraine headaches or other headaches if it's a sinus-related allergy.


Different weather patterns can trigger different types of headaches.

For some of us, changes in barometric pressure can change our sinuses and cause a headache, Premier Physician Network (PPN) physicians say. For others, a dry and dusty day can trigger allergies that can bring on a headache.

The National Headache FoundationOff Site Icon (NHF) also says that in some cases headaches can be caused by humidity and temperature changes.

Talk with your doctor for more information about how weather patterns can trigger headaches.

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