Does ovarian cancer have symptoms in its early stages?

Dr. Michael Guy talk about early symptoms of ovarian cancer. Click play to watch the video or read the transcript.


Ovarian cancer has been difficult to diagnose because the symptoms can be mistakenly attributed to other conditions, according to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund AllianceOff Site Icon (OCRFA). In the case of ovarian cancer, patients report that these symptoms are persistent and more numerous, marking a change from their normal bodily functioning, the OCRFA states.

According to the American Cancer SocietyOff Site Icon (ACS), symptoms of ovarian cancer include:

  • Bloating
  • Pelvic or abdominal pain
  • Trouble eating or feeling full quickly
  • Urinary symptoms such as urgency (always feeling like you have to go) or frequency (having to go often)

A woman having these symptoms more than 12 times a month should see her doctor, the ACS states. Other symptoms may include:

  • Abdominal swelling with weight loss
  • Back pain
  • Constipation
  • Fatigue
  • Menstrual changes
  • Pain during sex
  • Upset stomach

Ask your doctor about the symptoms of ovarian cancer.

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