Are there times when you need medical intervention for gastroenteritis?

Dr. Aaron Block discusses whether there are times medical intervention is needed for gastroenteritis. Click play to watch the video or read the transcript.


Gastroenteritis is something that has to work its way through your system and your body has to fight off on its own. But, there are definitely times when you need medical attention.

Vomiting and having diarrhea can quickly make you dehydrated. If you can’t drink enough to rehydrate yourself, you need to see your doctor for help, according to Premier Physician Network (PPN) physicians.

A high fever – above 104 degrees for an adult and above 102 degrees for a child – would be a sign to visit your doctor.

Your physician can also help with your care if you have severe abdominal cramps that become unbearable, and you’re not able to get them in control.

For more information about when to seek medical attention for gastroenteritis, talk with your doctor.

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