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If you’ve been diagnosed with endometriosis, painful periods are probably no news to you. In fact, discomfort during your menstrual cycle is one of the most common and troubling symptoms of this condition. But did you know that endometriosis can lead to other health issues? Heather Hilkowitz, MD, Hilltop Obstetrics & Gynecology talks about health problems that can result from endometriosis.

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Watch Out for These Health Problems

Dr. Hilkowitz explains, “Endometriosis can cause a variety of different health problems, which range from mild to much more severe, depending on the patient. Probably the most concerning is dealing with pain associated with endometriosis both before and during a woman’s menstrual cycle.” But the impact of endometriosis doesn’t stop there.

Did you know that endometriosis can lead to other health issues?

Other common health concerns include:

  • Infertility: Endometriosis can cause scarring, making it harder to get conceive. Keep in mind different treatment options exist to help you improve your chances of getting pregnant.
  • Stomach problems: Endometriosis can trigger digestive issues like diarrhea, constipation, bloating or nausea, especially when you have your period.
  • Difficulty with urination and bowel movements: Endometriosis can grow on the bladder or bowel, causing problems.
  • Painful sex: Endometriosis can make sexual intercourse painful, or trigger pain after.

The impact of endometriosis on heart disease risk is inconclusive, Dr. Hilkowitz says. “Emerging research shows that more invasive treatment for endometriosis, such as removal of both ovaries, may accelerate the development of heart disease. Therefore, much work is being done in the field to find less invasive treatments which help mediate this risk.”Endometriosis — Troubles Beyond Painful Periods - In Content  

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