Volume 3, Issue 5 December 2016

Premier Nursing News

Seeing is Believing

 Trepanier HSBy Sylvain “Syl” Trepanier, DNP, RN, CENP, vice president & system chief nursing officer

Transformational change is defined as a shift in the culture of an organization that will result in a change of strategy and processes. Furthermore, it affects the entire organization over an extended period of time (Business Dictionary, 2016). To say that Premier Health is undergoing transformational changes is perhaps somewhat of an understatement for some of you. It is important to understand what are the driving forces (the why) requiring us to undergo such changes today. First and foremost, all of us need to understand that Premier Health is not alone. In fact, the entire industry is undergoing major changes. The most important influential factor is related to how we are reimbursed. In addition, to ensure the viability of our organization, we have to offer quality services at the lowest possible cost. 

So now that we understand why we have to reinvent ourselves, what does that mean for each of us? How can I best prepare myself to navigate the rough waters created by transformational changes? Read more.

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Editorial Board: Sylvain Trepanier, DNP, RN, CENP, Editor-In-Chief; Chief Communications Officer: Diane Ewing; Director System Communications: Ben Sutherly

Advisory Board: Jolyn Angus, Tiffany Castelitz, Becky Chenault, Annette Drake, Terry Fry, Christie Gray, Kara Hitchens, Melissa Holsinger, Patricia Krafka, Deborah Matosky, Brenda Miller, Wendy Mitchell, Pat O’Malley, Kelly Sodders, Sara Strickland, Marquita Turner, Mary Walters, Janis Winner, Amy Wolf

Source: Premier Health Nursing

Content Updated: December 19, 2016

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