Premier Health Report to the Community

Premier Health exists to serve the many communities throughout Southwest Ohio. Each year, we produce a community impact report as a kind of report card. These reports show you what we’ve done and how we’ve given back to the community of which we are a part.

2018 Report

As a leader in health care in Southwest Ohio, Premier Health’s mission is to improve the health of the communities we serve. Our partnerships with local organizations who share this commitment allow us to identify community benefit programs that extend beyond the walls of our hospitals well into the heart of our communities, improving the health and well-being of the entire region. Read the report.

2017 Report

Partnering with organizations that share our mission of building healthier communities is one of the hallmarks of Premier Health. At Miami Valley Hospital; Good Samaritan Hospital (closed in 2018); Atrium Medical Center; and Upper Valley Medical Center, and more than 100 other sites of service, we combine unique community partnerships to improve the health and well-being of citizens of all ages across Southwest Ohio. Read the report.

2016 Report

Premier Health embraces its mission to improve the health of the communities we serve. You don’t have to look far to find plenty of evidence of how we are making a measurable difference in the lives of local residents, whether it’s at Miami Valley Hospital, with an additional site at Miami Valley Hospital South; Good Samaritan Hospital; Atrium Medical Center; Upper Valley Medical Center; or more than 100 other sites of service. Read the report.

2014/2015 Report

The mission of Premier Health is to build healthier communities. At Miami Valley Hospital, with an additional site at Miami Valley Hospital South, Good Samaritan Hospital, Atrium Medical Center, Upper Valley Medical Center, and at over 100 sites of service, our commitment extends throughout the communities we serve. Through outreach and partnerships, we are working to improve, enhance, and touch lives, often at the most vulnerable of times. Read the report.

2013 Report

Health care is an ever-evolving industry. As the delivery of care adapts to serve the needs of the people of Southwest Ohio, Premier Health continues to answer the call in innovative ways. Take a look at how Premier Health is working to improve health, affect lives, and invest in the future of our community. Premier Health is at the forefront of patient care, and our distinct community partnerships allow us to tend to the needs of the individual by improving the overall health of the communities that we serve. Read the report.

2012 Report

A personal touch can make all the difference in the world, and few things are as personal and important as health care. Premier Health knows it. A comprehensive, integrated, unified health care system with more than 14,000 employees serving a nine-county area in Southwest Ohio, Premier Health's reach extends well beyond the walls of its hospitals—Atrium Medical Center; Good Samaritan Hospital and Good Samaritan North; Miami Valley Hospital and Miami Valley Hospital South; and Upper Valley Medical Center. Read the report.

2011 Report

In 2011, with your support, Premier Health marked its 17th year as a partnership delivering quality health care to Southwest Ohio. We worked continually to fulfill our original pledge to provide new services, advanced technology and highly skilled people to support our mission of bringing quality health care to the patients, families and communities we serve. Read the report.

Earlier Reports

Content Updated: January 15, 2019

Community Health Improvement Plan

Our plan for improving the health of our community.


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