WorkFORCE – Work Conditioning & Work Hardening

WorkFORCE at Upper Valley Medical Center is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary rehabilitation program accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Through a collaboration with other professional providers including physicians, case managers and employers, the program assists injured workers in regaining their maximum physical performance. Attention is focused on preventing re-injury and returning the worker to his/her job with minimal time lost.

An Individualized Rehabilitation Program is designed in conjunction with the worker's medical team and may include:

  • A Functional Capacity Evaluation to determine present work capacities, work tolerances and treatment recommendations
  • Work Conditioning to address strength, endurance and work readiness
  • Work Hardening to help improve work specific capacities and tolerances for return to work requirements
  • An Ergonomic Assessment to provide recommendations for improving the safety of the worker environment
  • Job Analysis to evaluate the essential functions and demands of the job
  • Adjustment Counseling to improve worker feasibility and behaviors as related to return to work

Other services offered:

  • Injury Prevention Education
  • Disability Evaluations (FCEs)
  • Work Site Ergonomic Consultations
  • Post-Offer (Pre-Employment) Screen Development and Completion

Offered through:  Upper Valley Medical Center

Content Updated: September 23, 2013

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