Although lymphedema is a debilitating progressive condition with no known cure, it’s important to know that it can be managed. Through the Lymphedema Program, we can help you improve comfort and regain function. Our objective is to teach you and your family members about effective, independent self-treatment.

About the Program

Lymphedema is a swelling brought about by a blockage in the body’s lymphatic system. Causes can include trauma, surgical removal of lymph nodes in fighting breast cancer, or simply poor lymphatic drainage. Swelling frequently occurs in the head, neck, limbs, breast or trunk, and may be acute, intermittent or chronic (long duration). Often, it causes pain, reduced function and limited mobility.

At Premier Health, we offer research-based care to help you control the effects of lymphedema. Our therapists are trained and certified in complete manual lymph drainage therapy.

After evaluation, your treatment plan could include:

  • Manual decongestive lymph drainage
  • Bandaging, to provide compression
  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Education about the condition, precautions and skin care
  • Instruction on massage, bandaging techniques and exercise
  • Recommendations, as appropriate, for long-term support and compression garments

Offered through:  Miami Valley Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital, Atrium Medical Center, Upper Valley Medical Center

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