Homeless Clinic

Good Samaritan Hospital (GSH) opened the doors of its Samaritan Homeless Clinic in hopes of reducing the common connection between homelessness and poor personal health. The clinic takes an integrated approach toward primary and preventative services. With our mission of serving the total well-being of the homeless, the Samaritan Homeless Clinic aims to deliver quality, compassionate care and to get our patients back on their feet.

The Samaritan Homeless Clinic stands out because our care is easily accessible and because we take an integrated approach toward primary and ancillary services. The clinic focuses both on the individual and the community and works to maintain strong relationships with other homeless service providers so patients don’t get lost in the system. Our goal is to benefit the entire community while treating every patient who walks through our doors with dignity, respect, integrity, compassion, and excellence.

The Samaritan Homeless Clinic makes is committed to make it easy for the Dayton homeless to get quality health care. We provide a menu of services—from preventative care to substance abuse counseling—all in one place. Because our mission is to serve the total well-being of the homeless, we deliver more than the best care; we also aim to help patients get their lives back on track through our many programs and services, including, but not limited to:

  • Medical Services
  • Dental Services
  • Psychiatric Services and Mental Health Counseling
  • Chemical Dependency Counseling
  • Medical Social Work and Case Management
  • Recuperative Care
  • Educational Programming and Life Skills Classes
  • Podiatry Services
  • Vision Services

Source: Diane Cummins, Director of Homeless Clinic at Good Samaritan Hospital

Content Updated: September 30, 2013

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